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John Peel & Sheila - The Pig's Big 78s
Trikont 0335
Trikont 0335

John Peel & Sheila
The Pig’s Big 78s - A Beginner’s Guide

A wild selection of 78-rpm records from John Peel’s collection. Extraordinary vintage music, chosen for Trikont by the legendary DJ and his wife Sheila - their favourties from his late nicht Radio 1 show.
22 weird and wonderful tracks ranging from English brass bands, schmaltzy dance music and yodeling, to early rock ‘n’ roll and traditional music from China and Africa. From comic football sketches to bizarre sound imitations. It’s a typical Peel-Mix, making us all too aware of the gap he left behind.

Includes an extensive interview with Sheila explaining why she and John chose these particular tracks. Her surprising stories and anecdotes, alongside personal photographs, reveal unknown aspects of their life together and put this idiosyncratic collection of records into context.

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Creative Outlaws - US Underground 1962-1970
Trikont 0338
Trikont 0338

This anthology of the underground music of the 60s stays away from the well known, instead it presents the true history of American counterculture in its sometimes strange expressions of sounds and messages - a fascinating dive into an important part of modern history.

Artists included: Moondog, The Godz, MC5, Exuma, Blue Cheer, Pearls before Swine, Holy Modal Rounders, Tim Rose, Chamber Brothers, The Stooges, Tiny Tim, Country Joe.

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Paper Factory - Schlachtfest Session 1
Klangbad 2005
Klangbad 2005

Paper Factory is:

Hans Joachim Irmler: keyboards, electronics (Faust) - Mike Svoboda: trombone, alphorn, drainpipe, conch shell (Stockhausen, Zappa) - Clive Bell: shakuhachi, khene, melodica (Jah Wobble, Bill Laswell) - Sylvia Hallett: violin, musical saw, sarangi (British Summertime Ends) - Mike Adcok - piano, accordion (Lol Coxhill)

PAPER FACTORY is a new international ensemble of instrumentalists from different corners of the centemporary music scene. The band incorporates free improvisation, electronica, experimental rock and new music avant garde.
The collective interactions move between electronic and acoustic sounds using often unusual instruments (like khene, shakuhachi, drainpipe, musical saw and conch shell) to created new and surprising soundscape which could be described as ambient improvisations. This is their first CD. It was recorded in the
Faust-Studio in July 2004.

This CD, with an individual printed cover by artist Berhard Maier, is released in a limited edition of 500 on Faust‘s KLANGBAD label.

Price: £ 13. 99 (+ £ 1 for p+p)

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Our Own Voice -
ExposeYourself to Trikont

At the end of the 60s, Trikont was founded as a publishing house, following the urging desire to live a different life, to create a free, independent platform, to bring about change and to search for different realities. Global youth movements and radical democratic groups from the basis had just started to emerge. From the margins of society, they aimed at a completely different lifestyle and a form of happiness which dominant reality could not offer. In 1971, Trikont (Trikontinentale - Third World) began publishing music under the pseudonym "Unsere Stimme - Our Own Voice". There is no form of art more expressive, successful and potentially democratic than pop music - there is no form of art that allows people to express themselves more intensely and directly. Ever since, Trikont has released a lot of music from its homebase in Munich-Obergiesing. Music created by musicians who successfully insist on being different - many a compilation which give you idiosyncratic examples of both, local and global pop music, and which manage to return some of its passion, dignity, and history. Trikont has remained true to its initial ideals while keeping pace with new trends and ideas. The most important thing for Trikont has always been the freedom, to live whatever you choose to live and to refuse whatever you want to refuse.

Achim Bergmann, Trikont

"My latest musical obsession is Trikont Records, a German Label with heavenly mixes. The Trikont re/eases rye heard sound like Heavens own mix tapes: compilations made by somebody with an impossibly comprehensive record collection and an impeccable sense of sequencing. Take "Down&Out": Now, compilations of Soul-on-a-bummer aren't a new thing. Trikonts take on the theme, by contrast, is incredibly intense. The songs collected on "Down & Out" aren't just sad, they're shuddering with despair. And than the extraordinary "Hb!' Assembled by an enthusiastic, goofy Austrian team. Its an examination of how music intersects with everyday life in Vietnam. It's like rubbernecking at a real-time cultural collision, an untidy but fantastically energetic mix of Vietnamese instrumentation and singing techniques, Western tunes and beats. The most thrilling tracks offer Vietnamese funeral music: frenetic, out-oftune, drum-and-hornensembles, banging away a strandards like "One Ship Will Come"..."

The Boston Phoenix, USA

Only £3-99p

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Dope & Glory

Fifty exhilarating tracks tell the story of marijuana usage within the jive culture of the American underbelly during the 1920s and 30s. Jazz, blues, and hokum by many of the greatest singers and players of the period evoke an era that was hip and cool from within, and despised from without. Chill out, kick back and enjoy.

"Dope and Glory follows on from the great 'Flashbacks Vol. 1: High & Low - Drug Songs' with 50 songs devoted to Texas Tea. The salacious joy and sly humour of nearly all of these swinging reefer tracks (made after the FBI and police shut down Harlem's 1200 hash bars) by such jives as Mezz Mezzrow, Fats Waller, Harlan Lattimore, The Harlem Hamfats, Cab Calloway, Sidney Bechet, Frankie 'Half Pint' Jaxob, Jazz Gillum and The Cedar Creek Shelk, amongst many others, is perhaps the best argument against the liberalisation of drug law there is."

Peter Shapairo, The Wire

"Treasury of hipster fun.... sheer unbridled stoner fun".

Andy Gill, The Independant

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Dead and Gone - Funeral Marches

This anthology assembles the most moving funeral marches from this vale of tears called Earth. From the triumphant tunes of the conquerors to the sad laments of the oppressed, this funeral procession spans the globe, from Austria to Mexico, from England to Ghana, and from France to New Orleans.

Artists include:
Banda de Tontontepec, Robert Wyatt, Brass Band and Village Drummers in the Fanti Area of Ghana, Tuxedo Brass Band, Jopie Vrieze's Klein Bazuin, Palermo Vier, Olympia Brass Band, Sogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester, Mike Westbrook, George Lewis Eureka Brass Band, Trini Bass Brass Band, Tom Waits

Dead and Gone - Songs of Death

The cries of heartache at the graveside are as ancient and timeless as the cries of love from the marriage bed. Their ritulisation in song results in the widest variety of expression that the human voice is capable of.

Artists include:
Beasts of Bourbon, Lydia Lunch, Lydia Mendoza, Miranda Sex, Garden Confraternite Delle Voci Castelsardo, Nico, Lou Reed, Bulawayo Church Choir, Billie Holiday, Cassandra Wilson, Geto Boys, Diamanda Galas, Ungenannte Sängerinnen, Gary Floyd

"Brilliantly compiled, these CD's are more than just collections of songs about mortality. As a whole, they form a unified composition, a meditation on the way different cultures respond artistically to death, a statement on grieving and a declaration of superb musical taste. Like a deft free-form radio show, these CD's follow Albert Ayler with Robert Wyatt with a funeral in a village in Ghana. Moody, atmospheric and moving, they segue Cassandra Wilson into the Geto Boys, and slowly march through dirges from Lou Reed, Billie Holiday, Lydia Mendoza, Tom Waits and. brass and vocal groups from Mexico, Albania and Serbia. It may not seem like joyous holiday fare, but it's a perfect way to reflect on those less fortunate."

Neil Strauss

"... at its best it provides some outstanding examples of how the world´s cultures, and their musicians, have come to terms with, and intermittently triumphed over, the certainty that one day the music will stop."


"The prospect of eighty minutes worth of funeral dirges may sound too much to bear. Certainly it´s no happy hootenanny, but miserable it´s not."

Simon Rowland, ROCK 'N' REEL

"The two companion volumes are a feast of compulsive doom. Considering the subject matter it is also strangely, compellingly uplifting."

Ian Anderson, FOLKROOTS

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