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Easr and Eye

CD La Paloma CD
LA PALOMA is one of the most popular songs ever written. Composed in Spain by Sebastian de Iradier in the last century, it immediately became a huge success and continued on a triumphal march around the world. From China to Hawaii and from Cuba to Scandinavia - wherever it went, people fell in love with the melody and turned it into tangos, marches and even reggae. Opera singers couldn't resist its schmalz and neither could the jazz avant-garde or rock musicians. Following the success of LA PALOMA Vol. 1 & 2, here are another 28 versions of the song of the century.

"I strongly approve a project started by the Trikont record label, surely the only commercial organisation on earth with offices in Munich and Hebden Bridge, to release a series of CDs featuring nothing but recordings of LA PALOMA. So far, four CDs have brought us, from memory, 108 LA PALOMAS. I hope there are more to come."

John Peel

La Paloma -
One Song For All Worlds I

The Strangers, Raymond Kane, Ferera and Paaluhi Hawaiian Instrumentalisten, Das Meistersextett  (early Comedian  Harmonists), Hans Albers, Carla Bley, Garde Rèpublicaine, Dub, Rista Serrano, Jelly Roll Morton, Charlie Parker  Quintett, Benjamino Gigli, Carla Bley, Otto & Bärnelli, The Melody Four, Claude Thornhill, Charles Kullmann, Edmundo Ros, Pacifique  Tango-Orkestret, Caterina Valente, Amon Düül II, Freddy Quinn, Szedo MiklÓs, Flaco Jimenez &  Rocking Tex Mex  Band, Edison Concert Band, Blaskapelle der Krinoline

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La Paloma -
One Song For All Worlds II

Juan Garcia  Esquivel, Gabriella Ferri, Humphrey Bogart, Paco de Lucia y Enrique Montoya, Coco Schumann  Combo, Natalino Otto, Babba Brooks/King  Edwards, Hank Snow, Leopold Seelos, Richard Tauber, Wiener Boheme  Orchester, Ricky Shane, Bob Hall, War of the Worlds, Metropolitan Dance Orchestra, Agrupacion Coral, Manuel Iradier' de Victoria, Rudi Knabel, Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders & Roland Peachy, The Jokers, Ilse Werner, Emilio de Gogorza  Bahnhof von Harbin, Mandschurei, Xavier Cugat, Luciano Tajoli &  Angelo Servida, Santiago Jimenez jr. y la Fuente Mexicana

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La Paloma -
One Song For All Worlds III

Theo Lingen, Dean Martin, Conchita Supervia, Cyril Levebre, Bill Ramsey, Tony Capaldi, Leierorje, Antonio Appruzese, Perez Prado & his  Orchestra, Robertino, The Fabulous Arab, Orchester Andre Popp, The Orchids, Bläserensemble der  Eisenbahnermusik Wiener Neustadt, Trio Universal, Carla Bley, Eulalio Sanchez, Tuna de Malaga, Bing Crosby and more

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La Paloma -
One Song For All Worlds IV
US 0272

Laurindo Almeida (Brasil), Mabibi na mabwana (Zanzibar), The Harmonica Playboys (USA), Rayner (Turkey), Pedrito Altieri y su Banda de Acero (Virgin Islands), Klaus Wunderlich (Germany), The Morro City Band (Canary Islands), Tau Moe Family (Hawaii), Pablito and his Pachanga (Cuba)

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